There's an urgent need to stop carbon emissions. The answer is Metrol Fuel.

In my books, I talk about developing new technology to combat air pollution and global warming. When I wrote The Call to See it was estimated that 4 million people a year die from air pollution. Now it’s up to 10.2 million. In other words, 1 out of 8 people will die from air pollution. Is there an answer to mitigating climate change damages and continue with life as we know it? Yes, the answer is Metrol fuel. Here’s a short video by David Vasquez if you would like to learn more! 

HydroCarbon Splitter

Now that you know about Metrol fuel, it’s time to learn more about the HydroCarbon Splitter and how we can make durable goods that are sorely needed from the carbon that’s collected. Carbon is too valuable to burn and release into the atmosphere!

A Sample Project-where there's a refinery, there's an opportunity to make greater profits!

Here’s a video by David Vasquez showing a potential opportunity with Metrol plus the HydroCarbon Splitter technology.


Is net zero enough? No. We need to get to net negative! Carbon pollution remains in the atmosphere for centuries. “Unless we begin to clean up legacy carbon emissions from past industrial activity, we are sentencing current and future generations-even those  living in a zero-emission society- to the grave impacts of climate change.” Fortune Magazine. This is why I wrote The Call to See. My father, Roy McAlister, has technology, the (Smart Plugs) and has developed a new fuel (Metrol) to get to net negative.

Books by Roy McAlister

In 2005, Roy McAlister published The Solar Hydrogen Civilization: The Future of Energy is the Future of Our Global Economy. Roy’s book offers a constructive and uplifting social, environmental, and inspirational vision of sustainable economic development that is technologically achievable now. He has demonstrated new capacity for production and distribution of low-cost hydrogen and for carbon as a 21st century manufacturing material that can be stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum, and more conductive than copper – to usher in the peaceful, healthful and sustainably profitable Renewable Resources Revolution.

The Philosopher Mechanic

Together! The yellow book and the blue book from the Hydrogen Fuel Cell ElectroChemistry DVD. Yes we have Roy McAlister’s original manuscript on doing engine conversion. Part of this book eventually evolved into The Solar Hydrogen Civilization. The Philosopher Mechanic is the manuscript that started it all. It also has the class room fuel cell addendum included within it as well!