Road Signs

What traffic sign best reflects your life right now? It's Tuesday! Writing Prompt Day!! Grab a pen and some paper. Set a timer to 15 minutes. Write as fast as you can! Which road sign best describes you? Go!! I'm a proceed with caution kind of gal who drives with…

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Algae Daydreaming

Algae Daydreaming: the power to save the world! Yesterday, I had the good fortune of listening to an algae webinar given by the Department of Energy. It was very informative, but most of it went right over my head, which, if you know me well led to the most awesome…

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Not Alone, Yet Lonely

Not Alone, Yet Lonely Do you ever feel lonely even though you are surrounded by many? Today's writing prompt dives a bit deep, but it's well worth the effort. Writing Prompt: When in your life have you felt lonely? What where the circumstances? And what did you learn from traveling…

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Is Metrol a Clean Fuel?

Is Metrol a Clean Fuel? Recently The Washington Post released an interesting, but challenging article, "It's hailed as the clean energy of the future. But hydrogen produces 'substantial' emissions, study shows," by Rachel Pannett. It starts off saying, "hydrogen has been billed as the clean energy of the future by…

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