Not Alone, Yet Lonely

Not Alone, Yet Lonely

Do you ever feel lonely even though you are surrounded by many? Today's writing prompt dives a bit deep, but it's well worth the effort.

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Writing Prompt: When in your life have you felt lonely? What where the circumstances? And what did you learn from traveling that stretch of road alone? What strategies did you take to feel less lonely? 

Recently in the news, there’s been much discussion about social media and loneliness. The Wall Street Journal published an articled called Moms in Middle Age: Rarely Alone, Often Online and Increasingly Lonely: Social media has both helped and hurt Generation X mothers dealing with loneliness and burnout during the pandemic by Julia Jargon. Click the button to the right to read the article. 

The article points to social media as a way to connect to other women, but ultimately, we end up feeling more lonely because we haven’t actually spent any organic time with our friends and family. 

Before social media, there were many times in my life that I felt lonely. Today’s writing prompt will hopefully remind you of the strength you have to move through these times leaning on the strategies you employed. Give it a go! Write for 15 minutes as fast as you can and see what comes out. ❤️


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