Algae Daydreaming

Algae Daydreaming: the power to save the world!

Yesterday, I had the good fortune of listening to an algae webinar given by the Department of Energy. It was very informative, but most of it went right over my head, which, if you know me well led to the most awesome daydream of saving the world!

The Call To See

Sound familiar? Oh yeas, I wrote an entire book about daydreaming to save the world from climate change and the need to take action NOW in this time line.

The cool thing about saltwater algae is that they capture carbon. If we could convert 82,000 square miles of desert around the world to algae farming, we could capture enough carbon to mitigate global warming damages. One thousand acres of algae farming can-in one year-drawdown 1 million tons of CO2. Each year we release 51 gigatons, 51 billion tons for CO2. So. We need 51 million acres around the world of algae farming.

Using solar power to pump salt water from the ocean to the desert, we could off set sea level rise, which is currently set to rise by a foot by 2050 causing all kinds of havoc. If we could add  salt water desalination stations to the other end of the algae farms, we can produce enough clean water to offset the drought conditions brought on by climate change. The brackish and seawater desalination plants have the capacity to produce 245 million gallons of potable water per day. 

Eventually, though, the algae dies releasing carbon. So. After harvesting all of the wonderful nutrients from algae, we would throw the remaining stuff that rots or burns into the Hydro Carbon Splitter.  By splitting algae-biomass into affordable green hydrogen and solid carbon, we can make a new non-polluting liquid fuel called Metrol. And we can feed some of the algae (same as seaweed) to cows to further help mitigate methane damages. To learn more click on this link:

Making Metrol fuel, a non-polluting liquid fuel to fill our existing gasoline tanks, can be done by existing oil and gas companies so we can continue to drive without adding more carbon to the atmosphere and cleanly power our electric grid for EV cars. The carbon can be used to make more solar panels to make clean energy. 

As we collect the sea water to make the algae farms, we can also collect the plastic from the ocean. Did you know that plastic can be put into HydroCarbon Splitter as well solving the plastic problem?

The call to be a tree

My next book is The Call to be a Tree where I invite us all to convert our cars into trees by using Metrol fuel to capture the carbon out of the air like the trees do. I worry a lot about climate change. We can learn from the trees! There are solutions out there to collect carbon. We just need to dream big and accept the call to action. 

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We can do better!

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