Writing To Release Emotions On A Current Expectation Hangover

Writing Prompt: Which Expectation Hangover is currently giving you the most grief? Write everything down surrounding the incident.

  • It’s Tuesday! Writing prompt day! For the next eight weeks we’ll be journaling and learning about expectations, specifically when things go awry.
  • Last week we made a list of all of our expectation hangovers and placed a star next to the one that’s currently giving the most grief.
  • Today we are going to set our timers for fifteen minutes and write as fast as we can about this ⭐️ expectation hangover.
  • Here are some questions to crack open the glass:
  • *Adapted from Expectation Hangover by Christine Hassler.
1. What caused the expectation hangover?
2. What were the expectations you had of yourself and/or of someone or something else?
3, What thing that happened or didn’t happen is contributing most to your expectation hangover?
4. What do you believe about yourself as a result of your expectation hangover?
5. What do you believe about others and/or life in general as a result of your expectation hangover?
  • Put everything that comes to mind down on paper. If today is your writing day, after you are done with the prompt set your timer for another fifteen minutes. Remember, keep your speed up and let the words the flow.
Writing to release emotions