Is Metrol a Clean Fuel?

Is Metrol a Clean Fuel?

Recently The Washington Post released an interesting, but challenging article, “It’s hailed as the clean energy of the future. But hydrogen produces ‘substantial’ emissions, study shows,” by Rachel Pannett. It starts off saying, “hydrogen has been billed as the clean energy of the future by governments worldwide.” Yay! Great news!! But, then goes onto say, hydrogen from fossil fuels produces “substantial” greenhouse gas emissions that are the driver of global warming, even with carbon capture technology-which captures carbon dioxide before it is released into the atmosphere and pumps it underground.” Whomp whomp. That’s bad news. 

Carbon is too valuable to burn!

Carbon is too valuable to burn and to pump underground!

We need to think of carbon in a new light as a profitable commodity that can be used to make great durable good products the world sorely needs such as building better soil and asphalt that doesn’t crack, pipes that don’t corrode. New construction materials like roofing, solar panels, or wind generators. Nanotubes. There’s a whole lot of things that can be made from carbon that’s stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum. So. Don’t pump the carbon underground! Don’t burn it either!! Turn it into something profitable! 

What is Metrol Fuel?

The proof is in the pudding, though, and these technologies need to be developed and tested. I’m hopeful that with the Build Back Better bill we can finally address the internal combustion engine and the way we power our lives. May the Carbon Revolution begin!