What is Metrol Fuel?

Click here to read this interesting and alarming article, The 7 Lawmakers Who Will Decide the Climate’s Fate by The Atlantic: Negotiations in Washington, D.C., are far more important than those in Glasgow, Scotland. 

The Call To See

All of my life, I’ve been watching and later in my life helping my father, Roy McAlister, an American inventor,  try to bring his inventions into the marketplace. I wrote a book about it, The Call to See. He has been blocked one way or another by companies that did not want to change, lawmakers that are directed by lobbyists, climate-change deniers, and scams. Click here to read another article of such scams: Inside the overhyped, deceitful world of electric-car startups. Maybe it’s bad timing or unfortunate business luck, but it is shocking to find out that our climate’s fate will be decided by science deniers and lawmakers influenced by lobbyists. These lawmakers should learn a thing or two about Metrol fuel and how it can save the gas and oil industry along with the automakers, and mitigate climate change damages.  

Metrol® – The Fuel to Build Back Better 

  • Metrol® is a new net-hydrogen fuel that is liquid at ambient temperature and pressure so it can be distributed like gasoline, diesel or jet fuel. Metrol can be utilized by fuel cells and more than two billion existing combustion engines to actually clean the air during use.  A clean fuel, Metrol® prevents the formation of harmful combustion by-products including CO, CO2, HC, SOx and NOx. 


  • Fossil or renewable methane (CH4), will be the principal source of hydrogen used to make low-cost Metrol® along with high-value carbon, thus creating a new market for natural gas and profitable conversion of wastes from cities, farms, and forests.  The process of manufacturing Metrol® will result in co-production of carbon fiber, graphene, nanotubes and other high value carbon products.  Carbon fiber reinforced equipment can be stronger than steel yet lighter than aluminum.  Carbon-reinforced equipment can convert solar, wind, moving water or geothermal energy into hundreds of times more electricity or hydrogen or heat every year for many decades compared to mindlessly burning such carbon in a natural gas or methane fueled furnace, boiler, combustion engine or power plant. 


  • Roy McAlister the inventor of Metrol® also developed a hydrogen injection spark plug called the SmartPlug® that allows Metrol® to be used in gasoline or diesel engines.  McAlister’s system enables gasoline and highly-polluting diesel engines to run pollution free on Metrol®. 


  • Existing gasoline and diesel stations will distribute Metrol® liquid fuel for filling vehicle fuel tanks just like they are doing now.  No changes of transportation equipment or metering pumps are needed. 


  • Metrol® is the pollution-free fuel that extends the use of  combustion engines for the foreseeable future.  An amazing benefit is that vehicles running on Metrol® / SmartPlug® systems can actually clean smog out of the air in cities. 


  • Converted vehicles, electricity generators, farm equipment and industrial applications will be able to run on traditional gasoline or diesel fuel or actually clean the air by using Metrol®. It is time to build back better by converting our wasteful carbon-burning economy to sustainable economic development with Metrol® and carbon-reinforced equipment and infrastructure improvements.

Wouldn’t it be better to develop a new clean, non-polluting fuel here in the U.S. and help other countries too rather than allowing this to happen from the above mention article from The Atlantic

 “The American economy will probably transition away from fossil fuels anyway. But instead of a controlled shift, it will be closer to an economic disaster. Coal towns and the oil patch will be stunned by a ruthless market, shaped by technocrats and the subsidizing whims of Beijing, before their final economic value is strip-mined by financiers. And though the U.S. will consume green technology, its technological advantage will slowly slip in China’s and Europe’s favor, and just as the U.S. no longer produces solar panels—a technology that it invented—so will it lose its early advantage in the clean-steel, carbon-capture, electric-vehicle, and hydrogen industries.” See more here.

The Call To Be A Tree

I know we can do better as a nation. We can share our love and technology with others around the world and help them clean the air too! Our cars need to be like the trees and suck in the bad air, releasing good air for us to breathe. Us humans need to be like the trees too and help the planet. Provide jobs around the world cleaning the air so people aren’t stuck at borders seeking  better opportunities. We don’t need to fight over limited resources. We just need to look at carbon as a valuable commodity that can be turned into durable goods: pipes, construction materials, asphalt, solar panels, wind generators, and not burned once.