The Future-Releasing Expectations

Writing Prompt: Do you place expectations upon your goals?

Here’s the prompt: Good Day! It’s Tuesday!! Writing prompt day!!! Grab a pen and your notebook. Set your timer to 15 minutes.

Today’s prompt is two fold. Up until now the writing prompts have been looking at past Expectations. Now we turn to the future. First, make a new list of goals you hope to accomplish in the future. We need goals to help us move forward. But, here’s where it gets tricky. Second, what expectations have you placed upon your goals? Are these your goals or someone else’s?


Try to answer the following questions for each one of your goals.

Question 1:  Have you placed Expectations upon others to help you complete your goals?

Problems arise when:

  • The expectations are not communicated.
    The expectations are unrealistic.

Question 2:  Have you placed Expectations upon yourself?

Problems arise when:

  • We are expecting ourselves to be someone we are not. Or expecting someone else to be something they are not.
  • We are expecting to achieve something unrealistic, and/or in an unrealistic time frame.

Question 3: Have you placed Expectations upon certain situations?

Problems arise when:

  • We try to control outcomes.
    We depend on those outcomes.
Releasing Expectations
  • If we know the expectation then we can release it and that’s gives us the freedom to make choices in the present moment not worrying about the past or fearing the future. And, yes, I struggle greatly with this! 

The Call To See

After my brother passed away, it became my goal to end death. Talk about unrealistic expectations! I wanted to end violence, disease, and fix global warming. By the way, do you know that 10.2 million people die each year from pollution? Yep, that’s a lot of people to save! My book, The Call to See, is about showing the reader my expectations. 


The Call to be a Tree

In my soon to be released book, The Call to be a Tree, I explore the emotions of not reaching my expectations. 

The Call To Be A Tree

The third book in the Call series is The Call to be Free and that’s about living life without expectations. Freedom!

The Call Screenplay

“The consciousness of our planet is shifting. People are waking up. You are waking up, and you can thank your Expectation Hangover for the wake-up call. The ability to adapt to new life situations is essential if we are going to successfully respond to the call for change and evolution.” Christine Hassler