What Problem Are You Trying To Solve?

Awe- It’s Tuesday! Time for another writing prompt!!

Solving problems

Today’s writing prompt is: What problem are you trying to solve?

  • Writing is a great medium for figuring out your life’s journey and to solve a problem or maybe multiple problems.

Here’s an example from my first book, The Code of Destiny. In the first paragraph we find out that our hero’s, that would be your main character or me in this case, brother has died unexpectedly and violently.

Next, in the first seven chapters we learn of the events leading up to his death, the questions of why and how and ultimately what happened get answered.

Because of this horrific death the journey of healing begins which is no easy task, btw, and constitutes the next fourteen chapters.

Ultimately I come to my AHA moment, the problem I’m trying to solve: how do I prevent this awful death from happening to anyone else? It will be my destiny to find a code to end violence and this makes up the last seven chapters, the conclusion.

  • What is your what the heck moment? What happened? What did you learn? How did you solve the problem, your AHA moment? And in conclusion, what happened?

These are the steps to writing your very own book. Set a timer to 15 minutes and answer this question: what problem are you trying to solve? Write fast! Good luck on your hero’s journey!!

The Hero's Journey

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